DELE SPANISH DIPLOMA A2 (LEVEL A2) This accredits sufficient linguistic ability for understanding and responding appropriately in basic day-to-day situations around personal information,daily phrases and expressions frequently used related to areas of experience which are particularly relevant to them (basic information about yourself and your family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.). The test consists of:

Exam paper



Reading comprehension

50 minutes

a) Candidates must be able to understand short, simple, practical and highly contextualised written texts.
b) Candidates must answer by selecting the appropriate answer to multiple-choice questions on informative texts.
c) Candidates must select information from a text, based on a series of questions.

Written expression and interaction

50 minutes

a) Candidates must be able to answer some personal questions.
b) Candidates must be able to write basic sentences about themselves and their environment.

Listening comprehension

25 minutes

a) Candidates must be able to understand short, simple dialogues and direct texts to a satisfactory level.
b) Candidates must do 4 exercises based on simple dialogues or recorded information, by choosing the correct answers.

Oral expression and interaction

15 minutes

Candidates are evaluated individually. They must be able to hold on a general conversation about themselves and participate in a role-play with basic questions or answers


C2 Mastery DELE Nivel Superior
C1 Operational proficiency DELE C1 (from Nov. 2010)
B2 Vantage DELE Nivel Intermedio
B1 Threshold DELE Nivel Inicial
A2 Waystage DELE A2
A1 Breakthrough DELE A1